RAS & environment

RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) & environment is a field of expertise in which SMJ operates. In recent years there has been considerable progress and development in the salmon industry both in the Faroe Islands as well as in other countries, and major investments have been made into land-based RAS farms to meet market demands for high quality salmon. Environmental consultancy is an important part of this work area, especially regarding environmental requirements from the environmental protection agencies and ASC, which relate to salmon farming, both on land and in the sea. In addition, environmental consultancy is also relevant regarding wastewater treatment plans, environmental assessments and EIA, which assess the environmental impact of a project.
Therefore, we aim at providing high quality consultancy in terms of technology, biology and the environment in order to achieve good overall solutions.
Here is an overview of our team’s competencies:

  • Technical systems in RAS farms
  • Emergency power plants and battery systems
  • Electricity and pipe design in RAS
  • Water quality
  • Fish welfare
  • Wastewater plans
  • EIA

In recent years, we have provided consultancy in the area of electricity, pipes and technical systems for several RAS farms, and been engaged in major wastewater plans and advised governmental authorities in major projects.