A New Processing Plant for Bakkafrost

Bakkafrost’s New Plant Bakkafrost, one of the largest companies on the Faroe Islands, is building a new state of the art Salmon processing plant near their headquarters at Glyvrar. The...

Hospital Expansion

Expansion of Landsjúkrahúsið (Faroese National Hospital) The Faroese National Hospital is undertaking a significant expansion encompassing a new 10.000 m2 complex. Numerous wards of the hospital will have new facilities...

Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600...

About us

In August 1969, SMJ consulting engineers was established by the founder Sofus M. Jakobsen to which the acronym SMJ refers. SMJ is divided into five main areas of consulting: Energy & Environment Electricity & SCADA Aquaculture Fire & Safety Project Management Energy & Environment is the first service started by Sofus M. Jakobsen. From the

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