SMJ Consulting Engineers is one of the largest consulting engineering companies in the Faroe Islands. We offer advice within our four areas of competence: Construction, Energy, Aquaculture and Water. For more than half a decade, we have been involved in the largest projects in the Faroe Islands, partly as having a leading role in the project or as a partner with a significant role. In recent years, we have also provided our service to projects under construction in neighboring countries, e.g. Norway, Iceland, and Greenland.

As a consultant, we offer an energetic commitment to the project’s various development processes:

1. Preliminary stage

2. Continuous evaluation of the project while it is underway

3. Quality assurance that the project’s objectives have been realized

With an interdisciplinary approach, we aim to create a good framework for our projects, where we place emphasis on sustainable solutions with respect for tomorrow. We attach immense importance to the quality of the product we deliver to our customers being of the very highest quality – no matter the size of the project. We want to understand the customer and the customer’s needs, and not change the task into something it is not

SMJ Consulting Engineers is a company with a group of highly educated employees within a wide-ranging spectrum, everything from engineering and biology to machinists and electrical installers. Our diverse team of employees can offer competent services within all our work areas. We focus on close collaboration with our partners, which contributes to providing the best solutions for any project.