For the past twenty years, we have worked with smolt farms in the Faroe Islands but have since 2015 seriously prioritized the development of the services we can offer the aquaculture industry. SMJ has developed into a consultant with extensive knowledge of aquacultural breeding facilities and associated systems. Our services include everything from conceptual design to the smallest detail. There is a heavy emphasis on offering high-quality advice regarding technology, biology and the environment in order to issue quality overall solutions.

In aquaculture, two main conditions must be addressed; it is the technical systems and the biology. Therefore, it is necessary to work out an overall assessment when an aquacultural facility is to be built or renovated. At SMJ, highly skilled people with extensive knowledge of both technical systems and biology work together, all under the same roof. It creates a framework for strong interdisciplinary collaboration and helps to optimize the project and the service to the customer.

At SMJ, we want to take the lead. In our professional environment, the focus is on the customer, the task and collaboration. We offer to take the initiative and make the decision-making process easier for our customers.

Our foreign initiatives in fish farming are organized under the name SMJ Aqua, and for this, please refer to the website, which is the same company with a different name.

  • RAS, re-use and flow-through systems
  • Technical support systems at breeding facilities
  • Emergency power system and battery system
  • Electrical and pipe design on breeding facilities
  • Management and regulation (SRO/SCADA)
  • Water purification system
  • CFD analyzes of fish tanks
  • Project management, construction management and planning management
  • Fire & saftey
  • Biofilter
  • Water quality
  • Microbiological analyzes of bacterial groups
  • The health of the fish
  • The stress level of the fish
  • Outlet and sludge handling
  • Environmental impact assessments

Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600...

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Nitrifikatión og vatngóðska

Serstakur bakteriukulturur við effektivum nitrifiserandi bakterium, verður í summum førum nýttur, sum kveikjari til nitrifiserandi biofiltrini á smoltstøðum. Hetta verður gjørt fyri at stimbra um verandi nitrifikatión ella stytta um...

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Bakkafrost Viðareiði

In 2014 Bakkafrost and Articon signed a turn-key contract for the Viðareiði hatchery. As the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy, which will enable the company to reduce the biological...

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