At SMJ Consulting Engineers, we can offer all the technical solutions within construction, both for the public and private sectors. For many years, we have managed and been part of large construction projects in the Faroe Islands and in neighboring countries.

The construction industry is diverse, and our experience is characterized by the fact that we have participated in projects that have been of different nature, e.g. from providing consultancy to hospitals, fish farmers and power plants, to advice on new office and apartment complexes. We take great pride in ensuring that the quality of the service we offer our customers is of the highest level. We want to understand the customer, and not make the task into something it is not.

SMJ Consulting Engineers offers consultancy in many different areas of the construction project, see service offerings in the bulleted field. Recently, sustainability in the construction industry is gaining greater recognition. We continuously want to increase our knowledge within the area and can thus provide our customers with guidance and advice in this area. This way, we want to contribute to sustainability becoming a natural part of future construction projects in the Faroe Islands.

Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary collaboration, which helps to optimize the project and the service to the customer.

  • HVAC, Sewage and BMS
  • Indoor climate and energy analysis of the building
  • Electrical systems, emergency power and lighting system
  • Fire guidance, fire technical installations and safety advice
  • Project management, construction management and design management
  • BIM, VDC and ICT-management
  • 3D laser scanning and modeling of current state 
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Sustainable preparation for projects
  • Choice of material in relation to sustainability
  • Technical ‘Due Diligence’

Tangahús á Sundi

SEV byggir tangagarð og  tangahús á Sundi. Við tí endamálið, at skipa allar oljuhandfaring á einum tryggum stað. Byggiharri: SEV Ráðgevarar: LBF Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar, Árni Winther Arkitektar og SMJ Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar

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Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600...

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Umbyggingar á Landssjúkrahúsinum byrjaðu í november 2006. Verkætlanin at nútímansgera forhøllina á Landssjúkrahúsinum varð liðug í februar 2006. Nýggjasta verkætlanin í sambandi við Landssjúkrahúsið er sterilsentralur, skopideild og kirurgisk ambulatorium....

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