Energy has always been part of the services offered by SMJ. In recent years, the demand for renewable energy sources has been constantly growing, and SMJ has been part of several projects involving the transition to renewable energy sources. This means that we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about energy and are therefore the natural partner when it comes to energy systems.

Although the Faroe Islands have set themselves the goal of reducing their total emissions of greenhouse gasses, the need for energy is continuously growing, which means that the challenge of achieving the goal also increases. However, new and cheaper technology for production, and possibly storage, means that conversion to green energy can be successful. SMJ advises and guides in the production, supply, planning and storage of energy. With this energy consultation, SMJ contributes to a more sustainable society.

SMJ offers solutions for energy systems for both companies and institutions, just as we work with comprehensive solutions for how various areas can be converted to green energy. We offer solutions for e.g., district and local heating systems, energy recycling, sea heating systems and other heat pump systems.

SMJ works purposefully to increase our knowledge of sustainability so that it can become a natural part of our consultation in the various projects. SMJ offers advice and guidance to companies and institutions that want to reduce emissions from their daily operations. This is done by mapping the activities, which is then used as a baseline for an accurate action plan on emissions reduction in a responsible manner. The demand for sustainability and CO2 accounting is also increasing in the construction industry. We work to increase our knowledge within this area and thus contribute to the Faroese construction industry becoming more sustainable.

  • Electricity supplies and network expansion
  • District heating systems
  • Energy simulation in Termis
  • Energy strategy and planning
  • Production of energy
  • Cooling systems
  • Surplus energy and utilization
  • Energy storage
  • Heat pumps, ground, sea and air heating systems
  • Project management
  • Fire & saftey
  • Green energy transition
  • Electrification
  • Wind energy
  • Solar and bioenergy
  • Environmental impact assessments

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