Electricity & SCADA

We have extensive experience in the field of electricity & SCADA. SMJ has designed installations of this kind to clients such as power stations, production plants, smolt farms, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, laboratories, schools and nursing homes.

By combining electricity & SCADA with other installations and areas of expertise, we are equipped to find the best solutions for each individual case along with energy conservation measures. Our focus is on understanding each specific task in a way that results in the best consultancy for the client.  

  • Lighting Systems – Lighting Calculations for each specific need
  • Building Installations
  • Fire Technical Installations
  • Machine Installations
  • Control and Regulation (SCADA)
  • EMC and Lightning Protection System
  • Dimensioning of Electrical Systems
  • Function Description of Systems
  • Back-up Power Systems
  • BMS
  • Managing Regulatory Complience


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