SMJ focuses on a holistic high-quality consultancy regarding technology, biology, and environment. The central pillars within fish farming are technical systems, biology and cost optimizing. The key to a successful design and operation of a fish farm is to fulfil the three central pillars.

Fish farms are equipped with efficient water treatment units consisting of e.g., biofilters. In the biofilters, the process of bacterial nitrification converts toxic nitrogenous compounds excreted from the fish to more harmless compounds.  It is important to design technical systems relative to the biology within the systems such that optimal water quality conditions are secured for both fish and bacteria.

SMJ has provided consultancy for Mowi, Hiddenfjord,Bakkafrost, Tassal, Arctic Fish etc. Additionally, we have assisted Novozymes in their product development in relation to growth and activity of bacterial nitrifiers in salmon smolt farms.  Following are examples of consultancy provided to the industry.

  • Microbiological analyses
  • Water treatment system
  • Biofilters
  • Water quality
  • CFD analysis
  • Fish welfare and stress
  • Wastewater and sludge handling
  • Technical systems on smolt farms
  • Short break and no-break systems
  • Electricity and pipe design in smolt farms

SMJ wants to set the example. In our professional environment our approach focuses on the costumer, project, and co-operation. With this in mind, we offer to take initiative and drive to accelerate the progress and decision-making processes.


Bakkafrost Strond

Nitrifikatión og vatngóðska

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