SMJ focuses on a holistic high-quality consulting regarding technology biology and environment. The central pillars within fish farming, are technical systems, biology and cost optimizing. The key to a successful design of a fish farm is to fulfill the three central pillars.

Fish farms contain so-called bio-filters that clean ammonium in the water. This is done using bacteria nitrifications and pipelining the main water flow through these bacteria. It is a balancing act to maintain optimal bacteria condition as well as optimal condition for the fish – and furthermore all the technical system shall be operating within the threshold of its systems where biology and technical system is designed and operated related to each other.

SMJ have provided consultancy for Mowi, Hiddenfjord and Bakkafrost. Additionally, we have worked for Novozymes to analyze the growth of bacteria in a salmon smolt farm and how the different chemicals and materials in the system influence them.

  • Microbiological analyses of bacteria groups
  • Water cleaning system
  • Bio-filters
  • Water quality
  • Fish health and stress
  • Wastewater and sludge handling
  • Technical systems on smolt farms
  • Short break and no-break systems
  • Electricity and pipe design in smolt farms

SMJ wants to set the example. In our professional environment our approach focuses on the costumer, project and co-operation. With this in mind, we offer to take initiative and drive to accelerate the progress and decision-making processes.


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