Water is a crucial part of everyday life for companies and private users. Clean water is a prerequisite for life, yet it is not a given. Water involves various work areas, of which drinking water, industrial and private wastewater and other water mains are the most important areas in the Faroe Islands.

At SMJ, we have a great deal of knowledge about water, both in the form of water works, water supply and wastewater discharges. We offer municipalities and manufacturing companies advice on the treatment of drinking water, and we also advise on the purification and discharge of wastewater. The legislation on wastewater quality and discharge in the Faroe Islands is limited, and most often there is no need for treatment if the wastewater is discharged to the ocean current, which is believed to dilute it sufficiently. Nevertheless, we have a broad knowledge of wastewater management and advise within mechanical and biological systems. We always strive to form a good overview of the task and thus guarantee an excellent and sustainable water system of high quality, with a focus on biodiversity and security of supply.

  • Water and wastewater treatment plan
  • Wastewater plan
  • Swimming pool
  • Water supply
  • Water quality and investigations
  • Project management


Skúlin á Fløtum

Tað hevur verið tørvur á nýggjum fólkaskúla í vesturbýnum í Tórshavn í nøkur ár. Skúlini á Fløtum verður bygdur fyri at nøkta henda tørv. SMJ er við í vinnandi ráðgevaratoyminum, Eind,...

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Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600...

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SEV útbyggir Sundsverkið, støð 3 verður bygd afturat teimum báðum støð 1 og 2, nýggja støðini hevur við fýra motrar. Spillorkan verður gagnnýtt á verkinum og á fjarhitanetinum. SMJ hevur...

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