Bakkafrots Norðtoftir

SMJ is proud to contribute to the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy.

In 2020 Bakkafrost and Nordic Aquaculture Contractors (NAC) signed a construction contract representing a significant step in Bakkafrost’s stragety. NAC is a strong consortium consisting of Faroese companies including Kanjon, KJ, TTS and RVtøkni.

As the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy, which will enable the company to reduce the biological risk and increase its production capacity, the Norðtoftir land-based aquaculture facility will be expanded to produce fish of 0,5+ kg. The hatchery will be upgraded with two separated RAS, which each consists of 6000 m³ rearing tanks.

At SMJ, we are delighted to be part of this project. We have contributed with conceptual design and tender material to the hatchery expansion and have been responsible for all mechanical, electrical and piping systems, including the RAS system, as well as biological analysis. We have an excellent cooperation with Bakkafrost and all companies involved in the project. Formo and LBF have been responsible for building and structural design.

Bygherre: Bakkafrost
Entreprenør: NAC og Articon
Rådgivere: SMJ, LBF og Formo