Bakkafrost has invested in sustainability and circular solutions and has built the first biogas plant in the Faroe Islands.

The new biogas plant, FÖRKA, will enable salmon producer Bakkafrost to utilize organic waste from their own salmon production as well as from the agricultural sector to generate climate-friendly heat and energy.

In the Faroe Islands, half of the electricity is generated from fossil fules, and like the rest of the world, the Faroe Islands are also characterized by a desire for a green transition in waste management, energy and food production. The new biogas plant contributes to a green transition both within agriculture and production of salmon, electricity and heat. This is done by converting waste into renewable energy and recycling the nutrients back to the agricultural soil. Bakkafrost won the Business Initiative award in 2019 for the project.

NIRAS, in collaboration with SMJ Consulting Engineers, advised on the project and contributed, among other things, to tender material, negotiations and applications for environmental approvals.

Client: Bakkafrost

Consultants: SMJ Consulting Engineers and NIRAS