Nitrifikation og Water Quality

Special bacterial cultures with effective nitrifying bacteria are in some cases used as stimulators for the nitrifying biofilters in the smolt factories. This is done to improve existing nitrification or to support the start-up of new systems. By adding bacterial cultures to the system, it helps to guarantee a good nitrification basis, which is precisely what provides good conditions for high water quality and good smolt production.

People at SMJ have bought and implemented bacterial cultures for the production of smolt at the companies Hiddenfjord and Bakkafrost.

Novozymes has supplied these bacteria. Following an assignment from Hiddenfjord and Bakkafrost, SMJ has worked in direct cooperation with Novozymes with the aim of developing the product so that it is adapted to RAS systems.

Examples of tasks that SMJ has had in this context:

  • Dosage calculator
  • SOP (Standard operating procedures)
  • Mapping the economic benefits of shortening the start-up time