The New Upper Secondary School at Marknagil
A new upper secondary school is currently being built at Marknagil in Tórshavn. The school will be the largest educational institution in the country and will be bringing together three upper secondary schools that are currently operated separately, opening up new possibilities for cross-disciplinary studies. The school’s three departments are the general studies department, the business department and the technical department. The school will house roughly 1.300 students and 200 teachers and will have a size of 17,000 square metres, or over 180,000 square feet, and comprise several technical workshops as well as normal and specialist classrooms.

SMJ’s role
SMJ has been part of the ten year project from its inception. The company has the responsibility for electrical installations in collaboration with Danish based consultants Lemming & Ericsson.

Architect: BIG and Fuglark
Consultants: SMJ, Lemming & Eriksson, Martin E. Leo and Sámal Johannesen
Client: Landsverk
Duration: 2007-2016
Location: Tórshavn