Skúlin við Løgmannabreyt

New Elementary School
The new elementary school “við Løgmannabreyt” is a highly modern school where users have had a significant input into the design of the building. For example, the school is arranged into large classrooms that each holds 50 students. These classrooms can be separated into smaller units using a simple system of folding walls. The school also houses a dentist’s clinic, for the students. The flexibility and diversity of the building project resulted in a highly complex planning phase.

SMJ’s role
In the project, which took four years to complete, SMJ was responsible for all HVAC and electrical installations, which meant the consultancy involved close collaboration with many of the other contractors involved.

Architect: Árni Winther
Arkitektar Consultants: SMJ and LBF
Client: Tórshavnar kommuna
Contract type: Main contract
Duration: 2004-2008
Location: Tórshavn