Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600 g, and thereby shortening the time at sea where lice and virus/bacteria can have detrimental effects on the salmon. The facility is divided into 10 separate RAS systems, from hatchery to large post smolt systems, 60 tanks in total.

SMJ has been involved in most biological and technical aspects of the Strond project. In particular, SMJ has been responsible for installations, design management of installations, fire & safety systems, design and calculation for electrical and piping systems, including seawater cooling, fish transport and light simulations.

Client: Bakkafrost
Contractor: Articon
Consultants: SMJ Consulting Engineers, Ósbjørn Jacobsen Architect, Spenn