Power plant at Sund

The electricity supply company SEV is in the process of expanding the current plant at Sund. Today, the plant is composed of stations: station 1 and station 2. The expansion means that a third station with four engines will be built.

The power plant utilizes the waste energy at the plant itself, and the remaining energy is used as a supply source for the district heating network in Tórshavn.

SMJ has been responsible for project management, fire advice, application work with the authorities, in addition to responsibility for the design of pipes in the ground, electricity and pipe systems, as well as advising the client on the purchase of special contracts.

Client: SEV
Contractors: Articon og BWSC
Consultants: SNA, LBF Consulting Engineers og SMJ Consulting Engineers

SEV has produced a video about the project: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fQgswtQp7q8M1Dz2dNNfA