In August 1969, SMJ consulting engineers was established by the founder Sofus M. Jakobsen to which the acronym SMJ refers.

SMJ is divided into five main areas of consulting:

  • Energy & Environment
  • Electricity & SCADA
  • Aquaculture
  • Fire & Safety
  • Project Management

Energy & Environment is the first service started by Sofus M. Jakobsen. From the year 1969 onwards, most of the work was done with pipe systems and environmental initiatives, especially plumbing and ventilation. For the past many years, the work tasks have included district heating systems and other pipe systems in addition to plumbing and ventilation.

Electricity & SCADA became a service in 2013, when SMJ merged with KJ Elråd. Electricity & control is integrated in most projects, and we therefore have many years of experience with installations of energy for power plants, production factories, breeding centers for salmon fry, hospitals, medicine production, laboratories, school buildings, nursing homes, etc.

Aquaculture is a service that is constantly evolving with major advances in land farming in the Faroe Islands as well as abroad, where large investments are being made to meet the global demand for quality salmon.

Fire & Safety also became a service in 2013, when SMJ merged with RM Group (RMG). At the same time, two of the employees in SMJ were trained as masters in fire protection. In addition, many of the employees have experience with technical installations and have completed courses in fire protection.

Project Management are part of all the projects.

The management of construction projects is different in relation to the customers’ prerequisites, where some have experience of carrying out construction projects and possess knowledge of the normally used regulations: ABR89, ABF06, digital design, etc., while other customers only carry out individual construction projects. We place emphasis on understanding and meeting the customer’s wishes and ensuring that the necessary and right decisions are made. In this way, we can make the client’s work easier and contribute to the implementation of the project.

SMJ is at the forefront with the latest design tools, including BIM (building information modeling) solutions where the projects are implemented virtually before the actual construction process begins. This provides the customer, the client, the employee, and the consultants the opportunity to make the right decisions as early in the process as possible and reduce the risk of unnecessary costs.

ICT, BIM, VDC, 4D, 5D etc. are abbreviations that are part of the digital construction industry. To master the development in the digital construction industry, it is necessary to assess which system should be used in relation to the customers’ purpose. We have employees with these competencies who work daily with the various systems and ensure that the projects are built up based on an updated basis in relation to the rapid digital development.


  • Árni Jakobsen: CEO
  • Pætur Jakobsen: CEO
  • Petur Martin Glerfoss: Department Manager
  • Johan J. Joensen: Department Manager
  • Rógvi Jakobsen: CFO

We can refer to several accomplished projects spread across the various departments which underlines our experience, competence, and motivation. 

In SMJ we will take the lead. In our professional environment, the customer, the task, and the collaboration are in focus. We gladly take the initiative and responsibility to make the customer’s decisions easier.