Bakkafrost has invested in sustainability and circular solutions and has built the first biogas plant in the Faroe Islands.

The new biogas plant, FÖRKA, will enable salmon producer Bakkafrost to utilize organic waste from their own salmon production as well as from the agricultural sector to generate climate-friendly heat and energy.

In the Faroe Islands, half of the electricity is generated from fossil fules, and like the rest of the world, the Faroe Islands are also characterized by a desire for a green transition in waste management, energy and food production. The new biogas plant contributes to a green transition both within agriculture and production of salmon, electricity and heat. This is done by converting waste into renewable energy and recycling the nutrients back to the agricultural soil. Bakkafrost won the Business Initiative award in 2019 for the project.

NIRAS, in collaboration with SMJ Consulting Engineers, advised on the project and contributed, among other things, to tender material, negotiations and applications for environmental approvals.

Client: Bakkafrost

Consultants: SMJ Consulting Engineers and NIRAS

Sea water cooling system

SMJ have designed an advanced sea water cooling system for Bakkafrost at the Strond hatchery. The tender material and procurement have been made by our project team and supervision throughout the construction phase has also been a part of the scope for SMJ.

This cooling system use the steady sea temperature around the Faroe Islands to control the water temperature in the rearing tank with high efficiency.

Client: Bakkafrost
Contractors: Articon, KJ, RVtøkni og Signar Kallsberg
Consultants: SMJ

Bakkafrost Strond

Bakkafrost is building a 30.000 m3 cutting edge, land-based RAS facility at Strond. The new facility is part of the new Bakkafrost strategy to rear larger smolts, up to 5-600 g, and thereby shortening the time at sea where lice and virus/bacteria can have detrimental effects on the salmon. The facility is divided into 10 separate RAS systems, from hatchery to large post smolt systems, 60 tanks in total.

SMJ has been involved in most biological and technical aspects of the Strond project. In particular, SMJ has been responsible for installations, design management of installations, fire & safety systems, design and calculation for electrical and piping systems, including seawater cooling, fish transport and light simulations.

Client: Bakkafrost
Contractor: Articon
Consultants: SMJ Consulting Engineers, Ósbjørn Jacobsen Architect, Spenn

Undersea tunnel

We at SMJ are proud to have contributed to the underwater tunnel connect the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy. The lowest point of the tunnel is 87m below sea level. The tunnel opened for traffic on the 19th of December 2020.

Our responsibility has been technical construction management, field engineer, supervision and due diligence for the electrical systems.

Together with a strong team of local and foreign consultants and contractors this project has been a success with both the timeline and cost according to the expectations. The project was initiated in 2015 and construction began in 2016.

New BankNordik Headquarters

BankNordik is currently building new headquarters at Húsagarð in Tórshavn. The size of the new building is approximately 3,200 square metres and will house all of the bank’s non-branch functions on the Faroe Islands.

The project was started in December 2013 and will take two years to complete. The project will be run using the Partnering methodology, which means that all consultants and contractors work in close collaboration throughout the project. SMJ has the responsibility for all the electrical installations of the project.

Architect: MAP Arkitektar
Consultants: SMJ, LBF, PBC and Ráð
Client: BankNordik
Cooperation type: Partnering
Duration: 2013-2015
Location: Tórshavn


Bakkafrots Norðtoftir

SMJ is proud to contribute to the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy.

In 2020 Bakkafrost and Nordic Aquaculture Contractors (NAC) signed a construction contract representing a significant step in Bakkafrost’s stragety. NAC is a strong consortium consisting of Faroese companies including Kanjon, KJ, TTS and RVtøkni.

As the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy, which will enable the company to reduce the biological risk and increase its production capacity, the Norðtoftir land-based aquaculture facility will be expanded to produce fish of 0,5+ kg. The hatchery will be upgraded with two separated RAS, which each consists of 6000 m³ rearing tanks.

At SMJ, we are delighted to be part of this project. We have contributed with conceptual design and tender material to the hatchery expansion and have been responsible for all mechanical, electrical and piping systems, including the RAS system, as well as biological analysis. We have an excellent cooperation with Bakkafrost and all companies involved in the project. Formo and LBF have been responsible for building and structural design.

Bygherre: Bakkafrost
Entreprenør: NAC og Articon
Rådgivere: SMJ, LBF og Formo


SEV útbyggir Sundsverkið, støð 3 verður bygd afturat teimum báðum støð 1 og 2, nýggja støðini hevur við fýra motrar. Spillorkan verður gagnnýtt á verkinum og á fjarhitanetinum.

SMJ hevur havt projekteringsleiðsluna, brunaráðgeving, myndugleikaumsókn,  ábygd av at projektera leiðingar í lendi, el skipanir, rørskipanir og verið byggiharraráðgevi í samband við innkeypa av serveitanum.

Byggiharri: SEV
Arbeiðstakarar: Articon og BWSC
Ráðgevarar: SNA, LBF Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar og SMJ Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar

Leinkja til videobrot, sum SEV hevur fingið framleitt:

Skúlin á Fløtum

Tað hevur verið tørvur á nýggjum fólkaskúla í vesturbýnum í Tórshavn í nøkur ár. Skúlini á Fløtum verður bygdur fyri at nøkta henda tørv.

SMJ er við í vinnandi ráðgevaratoyminum, Eind, sum vann arkitektakappingina tíðliga í 2016. SMJ hevur ábyrd HVS, ventilatión, EL, brunaráðgeving og IKT leiðsluna.


Byggiharri: Tórshavnar kommuna
Ráðgevarar: Árni Winter, Zeta, Brim, LBF ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar og SMJ Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar

A New Processing Plant for Bakkafrost

Bakkafrost’s New Plant

Bakkafrost, one of the largest companies on the Faroe Islands, is building a new state of the art Salmon processing plant near their headquarters at Glyvrar. The plant will comprise both slaughtering facilities and Value Added Product production facilities and will be bringing several plants that currently operate separately to the same site to increase both production efficiency and product quality.

The Bakkafrost project is large according to Faroese standards, and SMJ is responsible for all HVAC installations and coordination of all the installations at the new plant.

Architect: Eyðun Petersen
Consultants: SMJ and LBF
Client: Bakkafrost
Duration: 2014-2016
Location: Glyvrar

Tangahús á Sundi

SEV byggir tangagarð og  tangahús á Sundi. Við tí endamálið, at skipa allar oljuhandfaring á einum tryggum stað.

Byggiharri: SEV
Ráðgevarar: LBF Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar, Árni Winther Arkitektar og SMJ Ráðgevandi verkfrøðingar


The Total Renovation of SMS
SMS, the largest shopping centre in the Faroe Islands comprising 31 shops, underwent a total renovation over two years in 2005-2007. The project was completed in several stages and focused on the centre’s shops. An essential requirement was that the renovation interfere with the shops as little as possible, allowing them to operate as normal to the largest possible degree.

SMJ’s role
SMJ had responsibility for all HVAC and electrical installations of the project, planning out all the necessary steps for each phase of implementation.

Client: SMS
Cooperation type: Partnering
Duration: 2005-2007
Location: Tórshavn

Føroya Tele Headquarters

Faroese Telecom Headquarters
Faroese Telecom built new headquarters in 2002-2004. The building is one on the largest in the Faroe Islands. SMJ had a key role in this project in that it both led the design of the HVAC systems of the building and was responsible for the project management of this part of the building process.

Special equipment
The headquarters of a telecoms company of course need to meet the highest technical standards due to the nature of the sector. As such, the building process was a technical challenge for the consultants involved with many special requirements being taken into consideration.

SMJ’s role
SMJ had the led the design and implementation of the ventilation system, sprinkler system, main cooling system, telecommunication central, connection to the district heating system, back-up power plant and the BMS system.

Architect: Árni Winther Arkitektar
Consultants: SMJ, COWI, LBF
Entrepreneur: MT Højgaard
Client: Føroya Tele
Cooperation type: Partnering
Duration: 2002-2004
Location: Tórshavn

Olivine Mine

Olivine Mine
At Fiskefjorden, on the west coast of Greenland some 90 km north of Nuuk, SMJ has worked closely with the contractor MT Højgaard as it has established and operated an open pit mine. The undertaking includes all necessary infrastructure around the mine, including a harbour, roads, water and electricity supply, crew camp, administration buildings and logistics.

SMJ’s role
SMJ was responsible for the design and implementation of the entire HVAC system in the mining village, which will accommodate around 50 people. The facilities that support the village include a power plant, telecommunications centre, water supply, sewer system, oil storage, heliport and an incinerator.

Client: Minelco AB
Contract type: Design-build
Cooperation type: Partnering
Duration: 2005-2008
Location: Seqi, Greenland

Faroese Airport Terminal

New Terminal at Vága Floghavn (Faroese Airport) In January 2011, the Faroese Airport, Vága Floghavn, held a competition for total consultancy for the extension and modernisation of its terminal. Four consortiums participated in the competition, which was won by the FAERPORT consortium. SMJ’s is part of this consortium, and its responsibility within it covers all HVAC systems.

The terminal opened to the travellers in the summer of 2014 and is due to be fully completed in late 2014.

Architect: SNA
Consultants: SMJ and LBF
Client: Vága Floghavn
Contract type: Total Consultancy Services
Duration: 2011-2014
Location: Vágar

Bakkafrost Viðareiði

In 2014 Bakkafrost and Articon signed a turn-key contract for the Viðareiði hatchery.

As the next step in Bakkafrost’s large-smolt strategy, which will enable the company to reduce the biological risk and increase its production capacity.

At SMJ, we are delighted to be part of this project in close collaboration with Articon. We have contributed with electrical and HVAC design.

Client: Bakkafrost
Contractor: Articon
Consultants: SMJ and Spenn


Thule Airbase

Mining for Greener Technologies
SMJ have had the responsibility for fire sprinkling system in 15 building renovations at Thule Airbase. The tasks have been carried out following the American fire standards and local rules in Thule.

Furthermore SMJ, has inspected installations in the process of construction. Other carried out installations are a fuel- and water research laboratory, a heating installation and a cooling system in three different buildings.

Client: Greenland Contractors
Duration: 2009-2011
Location: Thule, Greenland


Fjarhitafelagaði útbyggir fjarhitanetið áhaldandi. Stórur partur av Hoyvík er knýttur at fjarhitanetinum, síðstu árini eru høvuðsleiðingar lagdar oman í býin og verður áhaldandi arbeitt við at fáa stóru hitabrúkararnar knýttar at netinum.

Hospital Expansion

Expansion of Landsjúkrahúsið (Faroese National Hospital)
The Faroese National Hospital is undertaking a significant expansion encompassing a new 10.000 m2 complex. Numerous wards of the hospital will have new facilities as a result of the expansion. The new building will be used predominantly to house a new psychiatric ward, a rehabilitation centre and a new maternity ward.

Special demands
The project is planned using the so-called Building Information Modelling (BIM) process, which involves the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of the project from concept to occupation and covers all aspects of the project.

SMJ’s role
SMJ has the led the design and implementation of all HVAC and electrical installation and all the supply- and backup systems. Furthermore SMJ is the Fire & Safety consultants.

Architect: Árni Winther Arkitektar og SNA
Consultants: SMJ and LBF
Client: Landsverk
Contract type: Total Consultancy Services
Cooperation type: BIM cooperation
Duration: 2014-2019
Location: Tórshavn

Nitrifikatión og vatngóðska

Serstakur bakteriukulturur við effektivum nitrifiserandi bakterium, verður í summum førum nýttur, sum kveikjari til nitrifiserandi biofiltrini á smoltstøðum. Hetta verður gjørt fyri at stimbra um verandi nitrifikatión ella stytta um uppstartstíðina í nýggjum skipanum. Við at lata bakteriukultur í skipanina tryggjar man eitt gott nitrifikatiónsgrundarlag, ið gevur bestu kor fyri góðari vatngóðsku og smoltframleiðslu.

Fólk hjá SMJ hava keypt og implementera bakteriukultur fyri bæði Hiddenfjord og Bakkafrost.

Novozymes hevur verið veitari av hesum bakterium. SMJ hevur eftir uppgávurnar fyri Hiddenfjord og Bakkafrost arbeitt beinleiðis fyri Novozymes at menna vøruna til RAS skipanir. Har vit millum annað hava havt hesar uppgávurnar:

  • Doserings útroknari
  • SOP (Standard operating procedures)
  • Fíggjarligir fyrimunir við styttan av uppstarti

HSE for Wind Farm Project

SEV’s New Wind Farm
SEV, the main Faroese energy provider, is building a wind farm at Húsahagi, a few kilometres north of Tórshavn. The project will put SEV in a position to produce 60 per cent of the Faroese electricity demand based on hydro and wind power.

SMJ Health, Safety and Environment
In order to meet strict health, safety and environment requirements, the project’s supplier, Enercon, requires a so-called Health and Safety Officer. As SMJ employees are experienced in the HSE area, the company has been appointed to this position.

Project Lead: SEV
Supplier: Enercon HSE: SMJ
Client: SEV
Duration: 2013-2014
Location: Tórshavn

Skúlin við Løgmannabreyt

New Elementary School
The new elementary school “við Løgmannabreyt” is a highly modern school where users have had a significant input into the design of the building. For example, the school is arranged into large classrooms that each holds 50 students. These classrooms can be separated into smaller units using a simple system of folding walls. The school also houses a dentist’s clinic, for the students. The flexibility and diversity of the building project resulted in a highly complex planning phase.

SMJ’s role
In the project, which took four years to complete, SMJ was responsible for all HVAC and electrical installations, which meant the consultancy involved close collaboration with many of the other contractors involved.

Architect: Árni Winther
Arkitektar Consultants: SMJ and LBF
Client: Tórshavnar kommuna
Contract type: Main contract
Duration: 2004-2008
Location: Tórshavn


The New Upper Secondary School at Marknagil
A new upper secondary school is currently being built at Marknagil in Tórshavn. The school will be the largest educational institution in the country and will be bringing together three upper secondary schools that are currently operated separately, opening up new possibilities for cross-disciplinary studies. The school’s three departments are the general studies department, the business department and the technical department. The school will house roughly 1.300 students and 200 teachers and will have a size of 17,000 square metres, or over 180,000 square feet, and comprise several technical workshops as well as normal and specialist classrooms.

SMJ’s role
SMJ has been part of the ten year project from its inception. The company has the responsibility for electrical installations in collaboration with Danish based consultants Lemming & Ericsson.

Architect: BIG and Fuglark
Consultants: SMJ, Lemming & Eriksson, Martin E. Leo and Sámal Johannesen
Client: Landsverk
Duration: 2007-2016
Location: Tórshavn


Umbyggingar á Landssjúkrahúsinum byrjaðu í november 2006. Verkætlanin at nútímansgera forhøllina á Landssjúkrahúsinum varð liðug í februar 2006.
Nýggjasta verkætlanin í sambandi við Landssjúkrahúsið er sterilsentralur, skopideild og kirurgisk ambulatorium. Hetta arbeiðið umfatar umbygging av B2 og eina nýggja hædd á B3.